Macdonalds Booksellers

A Special Announcement

I am thrilled to say that you can now buy Kalika Magic books from Macdonalds Booksellers in Maitland. I grew up hearing stories of Maitland from my father, who spent his childhood on a pumpkin farm on Pitnacree Road. I’ve heard all about the 1955 floods, when Dad and his parents were trapped on the second storey of their house for three days, watching the pumpkins float away; and I know everything there is to know about the local high school.

Dad is 70 now. When he was a boy, Macdonalds Booksellers had already been in business for over 40 years. It’s an institution in Maitland. John Partridge, the wonderful man who runs the store, has worked there for 53 years.

So, Kalika Magic books are now sitting proudly on the shelves of this 100 year old independent bookshop. To say I am thrilled is an understatement.

There is a large stock of Bibles and prayer books, in morocco and all other bindings, and the prices range from a few pence to a few pounds. Anything in the way of Sunday school requisites may be obtained here, whilst a feature is also made of books required for day schools. ‘The Boys’ Own Annual,’ ‘The Girls’ Own Annual,’ other established publications or any books suited for prizes can be supplied.

Christmas booklets are dainty goods. They contain quotations from the best known authors, and are got up in paper, cloth, and velvet calf bindings, and would make a nice present. Then there are biographies of the leading novelists and composers, but a prominent line is that of the poets. The works of each may be obtained, the bindings being from paste grain to calf and in all qualities of paper up to the finest India paper. These are splendid goods.

In other books Messrs. McDonald Bros, carry a large and varied stock. They have a fine assortment of stationery and Christmas cards, fancy cabinets being specialised. In other goods there are suit cases of various sizes, and in leather, kit bags of the best quality, school bags, music rolls, etc. A fine selection of gents’ wallets, tobacco pouches, ladies’ bags, ladies’ dressing cases, tourist cases, military brushes, inkstands, hand mirrors, shaving mirrors, and Ebony-backed brushes, is on view, and in aluminium, antimony, Japanese and silverware there are numerous and attractive articles suitable for presents such as glove, handkerchief, trinket, jewel, and stud boxes, photo frames, serviette rings, manicure sets, brush sets, ladies’ companions, sovereign cases, etc. Fountain pens are also a specialty with the firm, their makes including the Swan, Waterman, and Onoto calendars, neat and dainty, are in large supply. Other leading lines are linen transfers, account books, and an up-to-date lot of music.

The Mercury, Tuesday 14 December 1915