He had to take Indie to a cursed mountain where forest magic wouldn’t work. He had to save the king and his soldiers. Then he had to dodge the Dasa Warriors and the army of Moto, search for an evil shaman who would probably turn them into slugs, and convince the shaman to help them find a flower that didn’t exist.

Brek was crazy. There was no way he could do it.


Indie plonked herself on the closest stool and pushed her tangled hair behind her ears. She looked down at her dirty shirt, her torn fingernails, her sandy toes. Then she looked back at Aunt Sofia and grinned. ‘Do you really think I’m a lady,’ she said.



King Eamon

The boy was quiet. ‘I don’t think a king can do anything. Not really. I think you’d always be worried about everything. You’d be busy all the time making sure everyone was doing their jobs—listening to problems, sorting them out. I don’t think you’d have time for anything else.’

Queen Tala

Brek looked at him closely. ‘Your mother will be fine,’ he said. ‘Dargan will talk to her.’

‘She doesn’t want me to use magic—’

‘What nonsense,’ said Aunty Mai. ‘She used it all the time when she was your age. Why, I can still remember her scaring us all silly with the lightning in her fingers’.

Kai stared her. Kalika magic. His mother? He didn’t believe it for a second.


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herbsAunty Mai

Aunty Mai pushed her dark hair behind her ears and peered at the boy through her gold spectacles. She rolled up her sleeves. ‘Kai, we need to burn some osha root,’ she said. ‘Indie, get me some hot water and a clean cloth.’


Kai stood in silence, watching Brek fumble with wood and flint. The medicine man handled his tools gently, as if he feared they would break. He crouched by the pile of sticks, blowing softly and cupping his hands around the flame.

knife copyDargan

Dargan threw his arms in the air. His whole body shook, but he remained rooted to the spot. ‘I will find you,’ he called, as Brek led them deeper into the forest. ‘I will not let you do this.’

boots copyMugadi

‘The leader of the Dasa Warriors is a man called Mugadi,’ he said as she passed him a spoon. ‘Have you heard of him? He has blocked the road through the mountains so no one can get through. He says Ballyndor is weak and the blockade will make it weaker.’


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snakecopy copyJabar

‘He can sleep later,’ said Dargan, coming into the room. He pulled roughly at the boy’s sleeve to reveal a deep blue tattoo that began at his wrist and spiralled all the way up to his shoulder.

‘What is it?’ whispered Indie.

‘A snake,’ said Kai, his eyes wide. ‘It’s the mark of the Dasa Warriors.’


Nima left the shelter of the cave and walked slowly toward the shadows. She kept her head bowed and didn’t look up, even when she was right among them. They paid her no heed, and she leant down quickly and snatched the closest melon in her small brown hands. Then she scampered back to the cave and sat beside the shaman.

medicine-bagShaman Yanti

‘The Dasa Mountains are dark and terrible,’ she said, ‘Shaman Yanti has cast all sorts of evil spells over them. Kalika magic doesn’t work there. Chief Wicasa’s spells are useless. I don’t see how Brek expects you to do this.’


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